Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Scouts Asesinos.

More than twenty years ago, something happened in a Boy Scouts reunion on a volcano in southern Mexico City. This mexican Scouts Group was #88. The group was responsible for the dead of a kid, that occurred through a weekend camping. 88 Group it´s settled down at the State of Mexico in the northern boundaries between DF and the municipality of Naucalpan. 

Right after this event, bombs and taggs covered Ciudad Satélite (Satelite City). 

Until today, the people responsible for this suburban graffitti interventions remains unveiled and covered in mistery. No one really gives a fuck about this anymore, it´s been forgotten, lost in time.

Ciudad Satélite was a conceptual visionary colony outside of Mexico City, having people like Mathias Göeritz (sculptor) and Luis Barragán (architect) behind the project. They started up an architectonic and experimental urbanistic development in the State of Mexico. 

The city, now survives in a state of mind wich always claims its brilliant past, but, the whole region has completely lost the context and the country-side, green landscape that allowed him  to dwindle is gone. 

Losing memories it´s something We all end up giving up to, but still, something remains. Today I found lost in the memory of an old blue colored "bubble resemble" Macintosh from 1999, a file named Los Scouts Asesinos.

Photos were made by a group of friends between 1996 - 2001. 
Digital and analógica cámaras.

Shots were made in Naucalpan, Atizapán, Tlalnepantla, Azcapotzalco.

Special thanks to Daniel Feito and Juam Gómez for the support to accomplish this project.