jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

That' s the problem with REALITY.

Last night, I ended up within a beautiful house somewhere in Japan.

Reality goes beyond anything I can imagine. Most likely, the people living in that home were playful and open, didactic, most of the time they were explaining to me how Japan works. Their voices, and their writting were profound. Good thing is I had a paper were I could get to read the japanese translated to english, extra notes were plentiful in details about how to use my voice and what is expected in japanese conversations.

Spent 2 days and 3 nights living with them. The second night there was an earthquake, everything was ok.

My last night, a western guy, kind of frenchie, not brit for sure nor german, took me to a shore where you could get to see the stars falling. I was taken to a place of reunion for western citizens and latinoamericanos. Walked down the rocks. Beautiful ships and boats and yachts were docking right in front of us.

Upward in the sky, a UFO from the nazi era showed up on my left side, around some 60 meters from the sea level.

I told the guy: "Heeeeey, loooook!!!!!".
But he seemed to not to be amazed or surprised, and just told me: "No prestes atención a eso".

The UFO blasted some light upon a spot over the ocean. Nothing happened and theUFO went away.

Once We gathered along with the rest of the crew, right in the moment when We were about to touch the ocean with our feet, foam and water stopped moving, and little by little, everything started to get desintegrated, like pixels. Japanese people around us, seemed to be frightened and terrorized and fled, our group kept quiet and nobody said a thing. Nothing.

Just a voice behind us said: That´s the problem with REALITY.

Turned around, and, a wall made of stand up clocks, watches and time machines emerged from the dark.

And then ... I think ...pienso: los lugares más profundos y oscuros de mi corazón han sido vedados incluso a las cucarachas, y sin embargo, ahora son expuestos en una galería. He dejado de pensar con el corazón y sentir con el cerebro, dejo todo pues a los genitales y el estómago.

Ese es el problema con la REALIDAD.

Hello everybody in Moscow and Myanmar.