miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2015

Apache Pirata: The Old Fart West Chronicles.

I remember this kid from Arizona. His argument? 
- Let's seal the border.
In the most racist accent with the most "gringo" attitude I've ever seen in my life (And I've seen lots of "americans" in my life). Scottie, the white Arizona Boy yelled now, showing off his intimidatory skills on the ground.
And kept threading on me. His blue eyes injected in red blood color gave me one more sight. A small group of "cowboys" (most of them "southern bells" surrounded me in every flank). I just kept eating my pork chops.
The spaghetti western scene: All the good white north - american "cowboys" on the bad mexican "beaner".
What Did I say?
- Ok, let's seal the border, no more guns and slaves exchange. But, most important: NO MORE COCAINE FOR GRINGOS.
Silence took over upon us.
And once again I said: NO MORE GUNS AND SLAVES  AND COCAINE EXCHANGE for the north-americans, Ok, let's seal the border.
A young tall and skinny guy from Jacksonville changed his mood, the Arizona Boy kept looking at me. 
Jacksonville Boy threw his ball.
- It's Ok,  It's ok, seems to be a fair trade. No worries.
Arizona Boy went away throwing a tantrum.
Mexican "beaner" kept eating his porkchops. "Cowboys" faded away ... 
How long the United States of América would survive without slaves, guns and cocaine?
A month?