lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

Life in terror it's normal but just for a few.... very few.

Life in terror, that's what Western world has built since 500 years ago. 

It did no matter what, their ships took over the world, what We're facing now, is like that old french book: Penguin Island by Anatole France. I won't say a thing about the book, but the end is quite disturbing, while this couple is watching Paris from a hill and bombs explode as an spectacle. 

$, Dog, the muslim dog, the jewish-christian dog, the power, the lifestyle. 

How is it that the drugs and slaves keep being used by that self called First World? Because no matter what, it's the population living in extreme poverty the one that goes after whatever to feel a bit of justice.

Is it the same a jihadist warrior in Yemen than Northern Dakota white redneck nazis bearing guns and raiding towns  in the name of Adolf and white suprematism? 

The slums of this planet are fueled in anger and hate and revenge feeling. 

Are We going to destroy all of those humans to keep our house clean?

Is there any aztec or dodo bird been left to tell us how fucking amazing is to have foreign alien invaders destroying your realm in the name of a blooded-barbed-white guy nailed on a cross?

Guns, ammo, drugs and slaves. Wealthy muslims, wealthy jews, wealthy christians, wealthy latinamericans never face that.

Well, here We are: life in terror for newbies, regular life for the 79% of this world. Why is it that only civil population is suffering? How many humans will pass away in the name of someone else's beliefs?

What is normality?  What is absurd?  Thanx Dog.